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It is not an impossible mission, to set up a tent, but it is no real fun either, at least most of the time. Before you go on a tour with your tent you should practice the whole set up at least once or twice, to get a real sense of what you are doing. Yes, there are some tents, which are trying to offer an easy handling, but there is no real satisfying solution available, at least from our point of view. But there is another essential aspect, which these tents do not offer yet:


But why? Why are there so many different tents available today and they all look somehow the same or at least really similar. Why isn’t there a tent with an interesting design? Something different, something new. Does anybody care? Is design something less important, when it comes to a tent? We don´t think so. We think it is a technical problem. Most tents work with a construction made out of tent poles and fabric, so there is a natural limitation for the design and the architecture of classical tents. If we want to change the design, we have to change the technical construction.



If we want to develop a new tent with a new design and handling concept, we have to overcome the limitations set by the tent construction of poles and fabric avaiable today. This was our starting point.


After a long period of research, hours of discussions and first tests we decided to chose air as a main factor to combine these three aspects.

Air was our key, which would be able to combine all this different aspects in a new tent concept.